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Post  Johnshadows on Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:19 am

Basic Lesson 1: The basics of Firebending- Summoning and using Orb of Fire
A black haired boy sat quietly in class, respectfully listening to what his teacher had to say with intense crimson eyes. "Firebending is one of the four elemental bending arts, granting control over the element of fire. Long time ago, Firebending is first discovered by dragons and they passed the art of Firebending on to people known as the Sun Warriors and afterwards was discovered by the Fire Nation who made it a art, practiced by a chosen few as a form of attack against other elemental benders. Firebending is well known for it's great offensive often channeled by strong willpower and emotions causing massive destruction and damage. According to many, fire is the element of power. The source where firebenders draws power from is the sun which is their major power source and also from other solar objects such as comets, in the cause of not having any power source, firebenders instead will draw on their internal body heat. Drawing upon body heat is considerably dangerous as if you ran out of body heat, you would be severely exhausted and a chance of combustion might occur. Today, I would be showing you a few basic skills of firebending." With that, the teacher extended one arm and created a molten red orb that hung in the air, sizzling in the air. "This is one of the basic moves of firebending, creating a orb of fire. It can be used in different ways according to the circumstance. This orb could used as a guiding tool in utter darkness and can also be used to create warmth." The orb of fire suddenly flickered and transformed into a orb of bright light, extending it's reach over the entire classroom, reaching and illuminating everything in the classroom. "This orb of fire can also be used as a distraction." With a waver of the teacher's hand, the light suddenly exploded into extreme brightness, flaring bright golden light like the sun across the room and blinding John's eyes which John covered with his hands in pain. When the light was gone, the room suddenly seem darker and dimmer. "The next thing that a orb of fire can do is to shape different object, this skill is useful when you want to shape or change things." With that, the teacher hold out a piece of metal and created a glove of fire around his right hand. "Other thing, we firebenders can extinguish and are immune to any type of fire as long as the user has enough willpower and also a source to draw the power of fire which is the reason why I can hold this flaming glove." With that, the teacher putted his right hand on the piece of metal which groaned and shimmered a molten red light before transforming into a sword. "In this case, I merely thought of fire enveloped around my arm and also concentrating heat at a high enough temperature to melt metal on certain places of the metal in order to form the shape of a sword. Of course, you can also use the orb of fire for defense though defense isn't firebending's speciality." The teacher waved his hand up and suddenly, a wall of fire leapt out of nowhere and surrounded the teacher, forming a three meters tall shield. With another wave of his hand, the wall of fire disappeared. "Finally, lastly and considered by most to be the best technique to use the orb of fire." The teacher gathered fire energy at the palm of his hand, forming a molten red fire orb and firing it forward with a punching motion. The orb flew forward at a rapid speed and slammed into the wall, creating a massive explosion, blasting the walls apart. "This skill is called the Scorching Blast, by summoning a orb of fire with a large amount of energy concentrated inside and slamming it into an object and creating an explosion by releasing the energy inside. This is the first move you would need to master as a apprentice of a firebender. Now practice!" Meanwhile, John was intensely concreting and taking notes and at the teacher's command, he stood up and tried to create a orb of fire. A small light flickered on John's hand and a pityingly small orb appeared. "Hmm, looks like I still need lots of practice before mastering this skill." said John as he left the school.
(Continued in Fire Nation Docks first post)

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