Hayley (The Wanderer)

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Hayley (The Wanderer) Empty Hayley (The Wanderer)

Post  Velvet-Chan on Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:30 am

The Name of your character: Hayley

Age: 22

What does your character look like: Red Long Hair with big Grey eyes. Wears a simple Red Robe with brown pants and no shoes (likes to walk barefoot).Has a tribal tattoo at her back and at her right Leg.
Personality: Shy, Likes to wander around the forest, Quite, Fear of Spiders, Confident

History: Still a Mystery

Type of Bender: Water Bender

Group that you belong to (up to 5 people): N/A

Family: Orphan

Rank: Captain of The Water Kingdom Army

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