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Hunter Yagami, Hunter of the Earth Empty Hunter Yagami, Hunter of the Earth

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Name: Hunter Yagami (Also known as Hunter the noble, or Hunter of the Earth)

Looks: Hunter is about 6'1" and is toned, but covered in scars from the years of fighting in the war. He often wears armor, or a Hakama and is never seen without a sword. though young, his hair is permanently white, but long. He wears in in a ponytail when conducting business, and down when relaxing.

Personality: Cunning, Brave, and passionate.

History: Hunter grew up during the war of the Last Avatar. Quickly rising through the ranks, Hunter became an omen of destruction, and soon a symbol for rebirth as he saved the Earth King numerous times. When the wars were over though. Hunter found himself the only successor to the throne appointed by the King himself. He had good relations and contacts from other countries and often visited the North Water Tribe to visit their beautiful leader. Hunter has always been known as a loner and never seemed to mention any family besides those he fought with on the battlefield. He has unified all the Earth Kingdom and named the new Capital of the EK "Central". He still keeps the EK under military rule, but has plenty of advisors to consult before he does anything.

Bending: Earth Bender from Central

Group: N/A

Family: N/A

Rank: Emperor of the Earth
Hunter Yagami
Hunter Yagami

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