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Name: Ai Lover
Age: 18
Birthday:Jan. 5 X835
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: Ai has dark purple eyes and has a scar going through her eyebrow

Personality: Ai can be quick to temper and is mostly shown serious or childish at times. She can also be quite aggressive if you don't watch out. Everyone looks up to her. During a battle that’s when she can be serious and will even fight like a monster instead of a pathetic little girl. During the years her [personality changed and she became angry of everything that had happened to her. She came to become cheerful after she met some new friends. They were the ones that gave her a reason to shine in the light again. Outside in the streets she may be known as a fighter and a protector. Despite all of that she loves to give children ice cream. They would lick the ice cream off cones to show her gratitude towards them. She was very quiet as a child. No one paid her any mind at all and treated her like an outcast. She wasn’t even her friends went against her in the end. They then started to bully her. One day everything just made her angry. She got her revenge in a bad way. She is clumsy as well and cries if anyone speaks to her in a wrong way.
Likes: Soft things,bunnies,scars
Dislikes:Evil people,jerks,ugly people
Motivations: Her motivation is life is to protect children because she was abused at a young age. To stop evil people because that lead to a scar. Also she needs to kill someone in the evil group in order for her to clear her revenge.
Fears: She is afraid of dying by someone else because it had happened to her parents. She is afraid of losing her friends because she was alone a lot.She is afraid of crows because they bring bad luck.In the end she solee her heart and became a Phantom Lord.


Height: She is average maybe like 5'5.
Weight:She is 101 pounds and pretty thin.
Hair:Her hair is long and black.
Eyes:Her eyes are dark purple.
Others:She has a earring in each ear and a silver necklace in the shape of a star.
General Appearance: Ai has a long and gorgeous hair. It flows in the wind every time she walks and makes people smile as she does. Her face is soft and has a nice shape to it. Her hands are a regular size. She wears a size 7 in shoes and enjoys wearing boots to make her look like a crazy rock star that will rip your head off. She has two silver star earring in each ear and wears long black and white stripe socks that goes up to her thighs but you can't tell because of the way her skirt is from hiding the entire length.
Guild and Magic

Guild: Phantom Lord
Guild Tattoo:Her tattoo is located on the side of her stomach,mostly covered
Rank: Basic – D

Magic: Dark Wave
Caster or Holder: Ai is a Caster
Description: Most of her magic is dark.She can use this magic to send her opponent into a frenzy and can caused people to ache from inside their hearts to bring out that evil inside of them. In the end it destroys their heart.
Strengths:Ai has her strengths when someone has hate in their heart. She is able to tread and walk all over that to the best of her abilities. She will be able to use that in order to kill someone. Her dark magic poisons others and leave them in a bad situation. A few times she regrets killing others but is happy that she did it. In other words she can use the dark to fight.
Weaknesses:Her weakness is light. If anyone is to bring that towards her she will die. Light was something long ago that destroyed her group. Something like that is a risk for her to linger in. She would flee or run for her life if she comes in contact with that. She would be n trouble Most of the time she is able to sense if she is in danger with such a type of magic user and someone would have to bail her out.

History:A long time there was a girl named Ai that was born into a rich family in the mountains. Her mother died while after two days due to a great war. Every day she would cry until her father returned after losing his job. They had to give up everything precious to them. Her heart was broken and she suffered through depression. Later on in life she started going to an academy near the house that they were about to lose. It was a great school and she even made friends. They were cool friends indeed but they were bullies. They treated others like dirt and were hurting there by using force. She even slapped her teacher in the face which causes her to go to the hospital. It was lonely and sad but fun. Everyone feared her yet she was only in 3rd grade. After that she was caked to be put into a mental house. She would scream and shout as blood went down her face. She was a lion, no a horrible creature. No one could stay in her presence for long. Madness would go over her and everyone else. Five years later she was released. Were they really letting this freak out? Yes they were she was back but calmed down a lot. Her father was able to get her out. On that same day he was killed. Not by her but by a murderer... She was sad and later on had to give up the house. She couldn’t afford it. One day she was walking in the park to find two kids crying. They were hungry so she gave them some ice cream. A little bit of light went through her heart. She was kind and a monster. She was young and beautiful. She robbed, killed, and lied for money. She was still a criminal. Then one day she had second thoughts of being nice until she saw a light magic user killing a dark one. She came just in time to protect him. He was weak and sick. Also very mean. He even said that h would slit her throat. She didn't care but looked up to him. She wanted to fight. She wanted to protect. She later on changed her style and became the worse of worse. Not the best of best. She was destined to do this. She wanted to kill for blood and entertainment. This girl had strong potential to take over the world…
RP Sample: Ai was walking forward as she saw something up ahead. IT was something deadly and dangerous. She couldn’t dare to run back home. All she could do was go forward. She needs this more than anyone. It was a magic scroll. Something that will kill the great light of this world. She needed now and badly. She quickly jumped onto a brown ledge and threw it into a ledge. “Burn and die…” She chanted as the ledge started to burn like it was on acid. She smiled as she licked her lips. She was enjoying this. With one hand she blew a powerful blast with one finger. “That’s it…die…” After saying that a dagger was thrown right at her. Black blood oozed out from the wound on her chest. “Die and never return!” She shouted while jumping into a lake and swimming off with the scroll. She didn't want to be found out. Not now or ever.
Face Claim: My face Claim is Minami Maho from BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad.

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