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Post  Lyonin on Wed May 29, 2013 7:17 pm

Name: Lyonin

Age: 20

Lyonin is 5'11" with blonde hair and bright blue eyes that change with his mood. He has a slender build and is almost always smiling. He has no scars and few can believe that he is even an Earth bender.

History: Lyonin speant most of his time as a child hiding his bending abilities but training with the elites of the village. In his teen years, he showed his skill in bending and began training with his grandfather, the only other bender in his family. He was taught special combat tactics that was only passed down through the benders in his ancestory. As he reached adulthood, he had surpassed his grandfather, making him one of the strongest Earth benders in the community he dwelled in. Since then, he has lived on his own honing his skills and helping those that he comes across to learn focus and harmony. He doesn't fight often due to not wanting to hurt others that don't know what they are up against, and not wanting to reveal too much of the secrets he holds.

Type of bender: Earth - Elite

Group that you belong to: Specialization: Elite (Spec. Elite)

Family: (Family last name) Segit.

Rank: Paragon


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