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Post  WilhelminaSabiya on Wed May 29, 2013 10:01 pm

The Name of your character: Sera Sabiya

Age: 16

What does your character look like:
The New Avatar Mikasa_ackerman_by_sammi1991-d62h4ez

History: Sera grew up in the fire nation as the next avatar they trained her in various things from fire bending to the martial arts and fighting methods of the fire nation. Upon realising that she has to have her own adaptable style since she'll be learning the other elements she soon made something to use knowing if she could use it it'd help. The gadget was called the three dimensional maneuverable gear. It contained two things that held her swords, and the pressure tubes required and the back that held the cables attacks to the grappling hooks. To create it she had to ask for help from several fire benders and a few black smiths. It currently only uses fire bending to power it.

The New Avatar 315929_455468061195807_630628248_n

Type of Bender: Avatar

Group that you belong to (up to 5 people):

Family: Deceased

Rank:In Training


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