Joey Yamamoto the loney earth bender of the earth

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Joey Yamamoto the loney earth bender of the earth

Post  Joey Yamamoto on Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:49 am

(sorry for the guys that already created their character ^_^')

The Name of your character:Joey Yamamoto


What does your character look: He have Rip gray jeans, Black shirt with a rosario around his neck. His Hair is Very long with Part of it is Black and the Other part is Purple. his Eyes is Sky blue. His body is Fit, not Crazy but it Fit to do Freerunning.

History:he does not know none of the family members of his family becouse he run away from his family and learn from a earth master away from his family, when he die by a unknown cause he told him to travel around the world to master his style of his bending.

Type of Bender:earth bender

Group that you belong to (up to 5 people): until he find one

Family: the Yamamotos, he does not know about them

Rank:rookie earth bender

Joey Yamamoto

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