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[center]Kuzgan        BMgGWpTl

Master Kuzgun

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Bender Type: Shadow-bending

Family: Ay

Appearance: Kuzgan prefers to wear clothing cut in the Fire nation style, the main exception being the color scheme, which is grays and blacks. He wears a tunic, knee high boots and pants which he tucks into the boots.

His skin is pale and his hair is dark black. His most noticeable feature is a huge scar that has been roughly sewn back together. This scar extends from the corners of his mouth and he has (so far) not told anyone of their origin. He is quite tall and athletic; he has many other much smaller scars all over his body, including a large x shaped brand on his shoulder.

Personality: Kuzgan has a dark sense of humor, and enjoys conversation, however his experiences have left him deeply mistrustful of others. He usually stays quiet for this reason, and he is something of a dreamer.

History: When the Fire nation began sending colonists to the Earth nation during the war Kuzgan was still a child. He did not understand the war, or each nations grievances, he only saw the earth-benders invade his village and kill his mother and father as they tried to defend him. In his rage and fear he reached for a primal part of himself and unleashed a storm of howling shadows that shrieked like demons. Both his own people and the earth-benders were slaughtered. As he grew older he learned about the strange new abilities he had developed and, with great resolve, mastered them.

Rank: Master/inventor of shadow-bending

misc.: Kuzgan has a pet raven (not mixed with anything)
Kuzgan prefers to sleep in the day and become more active at night, when his power is strongest


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Kuzgan        Empty Re: Kuzgan

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