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Post  Sakuya on Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:59 pm

Age: 14

What does your character look like:Her hair is as white snow in colour, long and straight
She has crimson red eyes that always looks soft,a peach colour skin tone that always reflects the light from the sun.

Clothings: a sky blue dress overall with a skirt that is slightly above knee-level,with a pair of long dark socks that is above knee-level,with a pair of black shoes.

Personality: bright, hard-working, nice and a little clumsy sometimes

History: Sakuya was always getting bullied when she was young, her red eyes made her an outcast from the social since they were different from other people.Usually she is always sighted sitting on top of a tree or hiding somewhere in a corner. One day, her older brother went missing from her former village and was found dead later that week,the murderer later visited her when she was alone at home, sobbing for her deceased brother when a water bender rescued her. As a precaution, the water bender taught Sakuya the art of water bending

Type of bender: Currently water
Group: N/A
Family: N/A
Rank: Water Bender Trainee

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