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The Name of your character: John

Age: 19

What does your character look like: His hair was raven black and spiky at the back with bangs that hung above his wide crimson red eyes as he intently observed his surroundings. His fair skin shone in the moonlight glowing with a pure white light. His face is normally expressionless and is rarely surprised. He wears a black short-sleeved shirt and a blue cloak cladded at his back with a high collar. He also wore a pair of black trousers and black sandals that provided him a firm grip when walking up steep slopes.

Personality: His face is normally expressionless and rarely surprised on anything. He is cool-headed and make calm analysis before taking action. He is always determined once he sets his mind on something and is loyal to all people he trusts making him a good friend. He is also hard working and always trying to improve on his skills beyond his limit and become stronger. He is determined to become the strongest while at the same time, supporting his friends the best he could. He is also curious about the things he don't know and learning new things all the time.

History: When John was growing up, the people in his clan distrusted him for his crimson red eyes which he possessed since birth. In learning combat and stealth, he proved to be better than any other student and soon earned the title of "Shadows" for his ability of stealth and deadliness in battle. However, he was casted into isolation and loneliness by his eyes which everyone else treated as misfortune. He grew up alone, his only goal was to be the best and protect his clan from danger, until one day, a assassin came and killed all of his clan member. Driven by hatred, John fought against the assassin. However, no matter how John fought, the assassin proved to be superior in combat and can manipulate water by some unknown means. John soon fell to the vicious blows of the assassin and fell defenseless on the ground, dazed and severely wounded. The assassin was about to eliminate John when a sudden blast of fire slammed into the assassin. The assassin's face that previously hidden his hood was shown and quickly put back on again. In that brief glimpse, John could see that the assassin has blue hair and he fell unconscious to his wounds. The next thing he knew, he woke up and saw a hooded young man with golden eyes. He told John that he was a fire bender who was on a A-ranked mission to track down the assassin that came to John's village. John begged the fire bender to teach him in order to avenge his clan. The fire bender agreed and taught John a few basic fire bending skills before leaving. From that day on, John started on a journey to become the strongest and also kill the blue haired assassin to avenge his clan.

Type of Bender: Fire Bender

Group that you belong to (up to 5 people): N/A

Family: N/A

Rank: Fire Bender's Apprentice

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