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Post  snuggles on Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:58 pm

The Name of your character: Puru

Age: 17

What does your character look like:Puru stands 4'0" tall with bright brown almost amber eye's, Like most air monk females has let her long earth brown hair grow down to well past her waist, but kept in a long braid, her build is lithe, and acrobatic, thought looks "underdeveloped" and almost child like, due to her height, in fact sometimes being mistaken as a younger girl, her clothing is actually quite diverse as she has actually gained some clothing from the other Nations and tends to dress in any she feels like, air, fire,earth, water, she wears different clothing on different days for the most part.

Personality: A nice,easy-going,athletic girl, and a bit random at times,extremely shy around new people

History:Puru wasn't much of a normal child, usually quite shy around others, even the teachers had problems getting her to speak up, the only things she talked to openly where the bison and the lemurs, eventually leading her to getting her Bison Mura the monks seeing this allowed her to tend to the animals on a more regular basis in hopes of making the girl more open, this worked if only marginally, she would talk to others but quietly, but when it came to strangers she couldn't build up the courage to talk to loud, a nickname was even given to her by one visitor "wind whisper", and it stuck at the temple.

for the most part Puru didn't do to much out of the ordinary but a traveler on a pilgrimage stopped by the temple, the traveler gave Puru a gift, a set of clothing from the earth kingdom, that's when it started, she liked the clothing and wore it all the time, even reading up on the earth kingdom and it's people, and then eventually acting a bit like them, though still herself.

every once and a while she would get another gift sent to her with more clothing, Once had a letter thanking her for giving the traveler a good person to remember and think of like a daughter, and that they would like to meet her again if she ever found herself traveling one day, she decided then that she would go meet them and there new family, though how she would manage that she had no Idea, but it did put a little more bravery into her heart since.

Type of Bender: air bender of the eastern air temple

Group that you belong to (up to 5 people): N/A

Family: the monks and students of the temple

Rank: student/monk

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